We live in an era where it is impossible to operate a business without a personal computer. “Virtual Squads” is a provider of full-service LAN/WAN Consulting for Corporate as well as Small Scale Businesses.

Although companies have realized the importance of an IT infrastructure and networking structure, it is impractical for them to spend a whole lot of time exploring, understanding, and keeping up with the underlying protocols and procedures of the latest in technological trends.

Our LAN/WAN Consulting services include Desktop Integration, Wireless Router Integration, as well as setting up Network Printer, Security and Firewall. Virtual Squad’s qualified LAN/WAN Consulting professionals take the time needed to understand your business environment, assess your needs before recommending the solutions and stay with you from the start to completion.

Keeping Up with Networking Technology
The most commonly implemented types of networks structures are Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Local Area Networks is adopted in situations where it has to be implemented in a single location with high-speed connectivity between each node on the network. While a Wide Area Networks are different in the fact that WANs traverse a relatively larger physical distance or are connected with low-speed connections. A Wide Area Networks are normally used to connect multiple local area networks.

Are you still wondering How Virtual Squads LAN/WAN Consulting Services Benefit You?
You can rest assured that Virtual Suqads has your back when it comes to LAN/WAN networking. With a full-scope of Networking support and solutions we offer:

  • Network expertise that delivers innovative solutions
  • Working with multiple WAN/LAN partners to provide comprehensive solutions
  • Qualified staff in a variety of networking roles
  • Best in industry aftercare service support with annual plans
  • Technical expertise in delivering on-prem and cloud solutions
  • Proven track record of delivering results to companies of all sizes, ranging from small to large scale complex solutions

For a business to excel, network infrastructure needs to be designed and implemented at the standard and technically edge level. The design of a LAN (Local Area Network) is a challenging task where we need to technically apply our knowledge to find an effective setup. The entire corporate relies on systems, we need to concentrate on the network design with the latest advancements and technological standards and moreover based on customer requirements. Our consulting will be the best-tailored fit design which covers all the aspects from the point of the customer. We do LAN design that includes the type of cables, cabling scope, routing, choosing the right hardware, choosing the other accessories, standby/backup plans, Rack termination, I/O point identifications and terminations, Network Switches, Routers, Firewall and so on.

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