Home Automation System is used to automate the common household activities and processes with centralized control. With technology growing steadily, it’s pretty hard to ignore the usage of smart technologies. These technologies had become an integral part of our lives. And this industry is continuously spreading with lots of options and excitement!! But what is it and why do we need a home automation system?

What is Home Automation System?
Home Automation System can be simply defined as a system used to automate your home. It is used to control various home appliances conveniently. It saves a lot of energy and makes life very simple nowadays. It allows you to control all kinds of electrical or electronic devices in your home through centralized control. You can even control them remotely through wireless communication. So why do I need it?

Why you need a Home Automation System?
Born as a luxury item, Home Automation System has gone from a trend to must-have technology at homes. It is a complex but simple system that can be used in every home. There are lots of reasons we may need home automation and here are just a few.

Almost all electronic devices you use in the home can be controlled via automation. This makes life easier by allowing you to control all devices and appliances. This enables you to programme the requirements of the appliances to control energy consumption and increase savings.

Safety and security are one of the main concerns for a Home automation system. They use motion sensors to learn when you leave home and can automatically lock the doors, turn off lights and lock the gates. They can also switch off your appliances in just a click from your smartphone.

You want to take care of a sick member in your home or aged people or your kids, you can use smart cameras help. With smart cameras and video doorbells, you can provide better care to your family.

With the technology advancements here comes a lot of innovations focusing on Home automation services and safe homes with Video Door Phone System. The digital platform and the Internet play a vital role in home automation systems. Each and every moment and event can be reported to the customer through smart devices. The IOT(Internet Of Things) is the base technology that enables the customer to get notified, to interact and keep track of their homes in an effective manner. Home automation services offer multiple features like controlling your home appliances like TVs, ACs, Fans through mobile apps. We can off/on/reduce/increase whatever we wish from anywhere with internet connectivity. Home automation systems alert and notify when there is a moment when a door gets opened when a window opened and so on. In addition to alerting, we can customize the actions respect to an event occurs. Simply switching on the Lights if a door opened, Switching on the Lights if motion detected. Apart from alerting from burglaries, the burglar alarm system provides an effective and alternate approach of power and energy saving in our home and business.

Video door phone system

VDP – Video Door phone system is a technology that allows us to interact with strangers, staying inside the home without stepping out. Video Door Phone installation allows us to monitor the door station and provide two-way communication with the person outside of the home. With a camera at our door point and monitoring stations at the place we require, the system makes us feel safe and restrict the strangers from entering our premises. Even with the advanced level of Video Door Phone installation, we can lock or unlock the door on seeing the strangers face restricting them from entering the home. The high-resolution cameras at the door station to produce an HD image for identifying the person even in the dark night. The monitoring stations available in multiple sizes and various features based on our requirements.

Burglar Alarm System

The burglar alarm system raises an alarm or intimation when a suspicious activity happened or sensed. Home or business place definitely needs these Video Door Phone System or Burglar alarm system to get rid of thieves and hackers. The homeowners are reported with the help of the Burglar alarm system if an unusual activity such as human movement is sensed at an abnormal time. Home is a peaceful place to stay, but the fear of burglaries is quite common nowadays among people, which restrict us to stay peacefully when we are far away from the home/business place. With the implementation of recent technologies, one can make sure and get intimated about the home/business/office status over smartphones. Moreover, we will be getting an instant sound horn when the events like motion detected, door contact missing, some heavy vibrations over doors or windows. Burglar alarm system suppliers bring a more peaceful feeling to owners as we always stay in touch with the installed sensors inside the home. The door contact sensors enable the siren and send SMS to us when the contact is released from the closed doors or windows. We even get phone calls from the system. The vibration sensor enables an alarm when a force or vibration applied to the surfaces of doors/windows/grills and even on other objects. With the advancement in mobile technologies, we are getting live status and intimations and alerts response to the events encountered in our home. In the case of elders/children residing at a house, they can make use of panic or emergency button to raise the alarm when they are in risks of burglary.

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