Virtual Squads is a leading CCTV Camera Service providing company based in Coimbatore. We understand your need to feel safe at your residence for your family and at the place of your business or employment, which is why we offer you the best CCTV Camera Service in the country.

Everywhere you look these days you would see residential buildings, offices, business centres, commercial buildings, governmental, hospitality, healthcare and educational facilities equipped with CCTV Surveillance Cameras as an essential solution for the safety and security of people.

The comprehensive CCTV System comprises of a CCTV Camera to record the footage, a Display Monitor to display the footage, and a storage device that may be a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or Network Video Recorder. CCTV Camera Service is a great way to protect your loved ones, your business, your property and fight against crime.

Safeguard your home and your place of business with Virtual Squads CCTV Camera Service that comes with a 12-month guarantee on all our CCTV camera installations.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Virtual Squads to set up your CCTV Camera Service

  • Guaranteed CCTV Security Camera Services at Reasonable Price
  • Premium Surveillance Equipment at Affordable Prices
  • On-site Inspection as well as Demonstration at Your Location
  • Unbeatable Service Quality Assurance
  • Qualified Technicians Support
  • 24X7 Technical Support
  • Annual Maintenance Plans

Here are the CCTV Camera Services that we offer include:

  • HD-SDI CCTV Cameras & IP-CCTV Cameras
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV Camera Upgrades
  • CCTV Security Design
  • CCTV Fault Inspection Repair & Support
  • Installation & Maintenance of CCTV Camera

The CCTV security systems provided by Virtual Squads are trusted by thousands of customers including Top MNC Companies, Educational Institutions, Financial Institutions, Business Centers as well as Residential Homeowners who prefer professional-grade products and after-sale services from a proven industry leader. With our product, you will enjoy superior quality cameras that come with a 12-Month guarantee, satisfaction guarantee, and unlimited support from the industry’s No.#1 support team.

In the span of 20 years, the CCTV camera service encountered various technologies and standards, but the core plot is ” the effective surveillance” and “feel good customer satisfaction” but still it’s a challenge. With the increase in the rate of crimes, illegal activities and anti-social things the need for a powerful mechanism in the name of the surveillance is vital. We need to ensure our safety of properties, money, valuable ornaments, households and so on that impacts the surveillance as “need of the hour” agenda. Though everyone is aware of safety and security but not intends to implement CCTV camera until we encounter abnormals. For the sake of social responsibility and individual protection, we should encourage and implement the CCTV service for surveillance wherever it’s possible. “come, let’s start from our own house”. Technology is far ahead in providing tailor-made solutions and products as well, the bet is choosing the right product from the right CCTV camera dealers.

CCTV Camera Monitoring Services

We do effective CCTV camera monitoring services on behalf of customers. Our monitoring services include the monitoring of CCTV cameras fixed in customer premises through the internet for a time limit specified by the customers. Apart from monitoring, the services also cover the scope of analyzing the site conditions for suspicious occurrence, unwanted movements of strangers, keeping track on the unusual movements at the particular camera location, thus ensuring the risks of burglary activities. The scope includes notifications, reporting, recording events and alerting the customers. The process of live monitoring, playback of previous events at regular time intervals and taking video footage backup will be also carried out by our professional team.

CCTV Rental Services

Virtual Squads offers a specialized rental service in CCTV and Burglar Alarms for home, and business. The rental services that we offer are CCTV Systems, Security systems, Home Automation, and Alarm systems, Burglar Alarm Systems for all types of residential and business platforms. We do offer Street surveillance and mass surveillance, temporary monitoring stations, temple/festivals CCTV monitoring and so on. We deliver according to customer requirements in terms of budget and features. With the rental services, a customer can ensure their premises with high security for a limited period of time whenever there is a need. We offer CCTV rental service for daily, weekly and monthly basis.

CCTV IP Technology

IP/Digital CCTV surveillance is a mock of digital cameras we use. Needless to say, about the digital camera era and their impacts, IP CCTV offers a crystal clear vision of objects. The technology as the name implies, it is an independent IP device which can be a monitor, controlled via digital devices. In the IP CCTV era here comes the multiple options of megapixels, which we are familiar with mobile phone and digital camera specs. The current technology offers up to 12 MP camera ranging from 1 MP. The POE technology and H.265 compression and ultra clear IR images, digital zooming make it the ultimate choice when comes to the deal “professional surveillance” and “no compromise quality” factors.

CCTV HD analogue Technology

The comparison is as simple as just flashback to 1990s of old traditional camera photos vs Digital camera HD photos. But the technology does wonder by offering HD advancements in traditional analogue leading to a contender of CCTV. Latest HD analogue cameras are no sort of IP cameras in producing clear images and covering distances. The best part is Hd cameras are the real winner when comes to commercial comparisons over IP CCTV. HD offers quality surveillance solutions at a nominal and adaptive budget suitable to all verticals.

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