CCTV AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) SERVICE

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is the first thing which comes into mind if you think of security. They are just video cameras with a transmitter which is widely used for surveillance purposes. They record activities just like a video camera, and they can be viewed from anywhere around the world. They are used in many sectors by both government and individuals. And they play a major role in the part of security systems for varied sectors. Fun fact; The United Kingdom has more number of CCTV cameras than the number of citizens in the country. CCTV cameras are mostly handled by AMC (Annual Maintenance Contractors) or Wholesale dealers. And the need for CCTV systems for residential and businesses is higher than ever before and is continuously growing.

CCTV cameras can solve various issues, and they can be be used for varied purposes. That is why CCTV Cameras still perceive as a more advantageous and cost-effective security solution. Government officials, law enforcement sectors and security management officials are relying heavily on CCTV Cameras as they find it the best tool to fight crimes and prevent terrorism. You can get your CCTV security cameras through a wholesale dealer or from us with an annual maintenance contract. Here are a few advantages of CCTV Cameras which include but not limited to.

1. Monitor activities in premises
CCTV Cameras are used as a tool to keep track of what is happening at your premises. It is used to monitor the activity of workers and visitors at your business site. They help in preventing fraudulent activities and theft.

2. Evidence collection
There are various historical cases which are solved with the use of CCTV camera footages. They act as a piece of important evidence for crime and help to identify the persons who did that. So, police officials and victims rely on CCTV camera recordings to find the culprits.

3. For home insurance
If you are a victim of burglary and the insurance provider is questioning your claim and refusing to reimburse your loss, then with CCTV cameras, you can reduce the risk of property insurance. The recorded footage serves as proof to the damages incurred, and there will be no question on reclaiming your loss. Get them with the help of wholesale dealers or annual maintenance contractors.

4. Decision Making
When disputes occur with family disagreements or between employees or between staff and customers, footages from security cameras become a very important resource to solve those disputes. They help you in tough situations to have correct decisions.

5. Protect your loved ones
A CCTV camera at your home will help you and your family to stay safe from poachers and burglars. They can also be used for surveillance of kids and old people in your home.

With lots of advantages, CCTV cameras require low and only annual maintenance. You don’t need to change it now and then. You can also opt-in for a CCTV AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with suppliers or with CCTV wholesale dealers. This will reduce your burden on securing and protecting your property and premises. Just ensure your cameras are properly cleaned over time to receive the best performance for your system.

Virtual Squads are one of the best leading suppliers and installers of high-quality CCTV security cameras and other safety systems. We ensure you to keep your business or home security with our qualified team of CCTV professionals. We offer you a wide range of solutions based on your need and annual maintenance to the supplied and as well as existing systems. The product comes with top quality and with a warranty. We are currently serving a diverse set of markets that include retail, transport, banking and finance, education, commercial, residential and government applications.


We also provide call basis services and support for end users. The service is the trump card for us, as we are committed to the customers. The service is the thing which we believe and which drives us to be a pioneer in the field for over a decade. We are addicted to serving you better. Virtual Squads happens to be the CCTV camera wholesale dealers in Coimbatore, we don’t stop here, Our service extends to CCTV monitoring, CCTV rental, home automation, video door phone, burglar alarm, RF networking, LAN/WAN Consulting. Virtual Squads – One solution for all your Security System needs.

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